Culturing Sharp And Efficient Skills

Trusting on proven services for Business to develop and grow ahead sustainably among the leaders.
Investing on knowledge that enhances Business in unfamiliar and challenging markets where oppoptunities awaits.

In8services connect your Business ideas to a profitable return with speciality services in Marketing,Finance and Corporate Responsibility.
Sports and Hospitality Industry is the only playground we Practice, Participate and Execute in its own class that will be tough for others to follow or challenge but collaborate.


in8services is a business brand owned and promoted by mindprint solution, a registered partnership firm under DIC/Imphal West bearing No. 25/PF/2004. Manipur-795001.
A house of energy and small family of strength, truth and efficiency,in8services delivers services for business houses in Manipur and other seven north eastern states Of India. It is the power of skill and management of knowledge application among all the members that enables in8services to provide unchallenged services in sports and hospitality industry. These services are focused in Sports and Hospitality industry and in8services is here to lead with a marquee of inspiration and simplicity.

We are efficiently small and we serves to small capacity but with the experience of big.

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Hatch is the specialised unit of in8services that execute the delivery of sports and hospitality marketing services.Hatch provide marketing services to business houses based in 8 north eastern states and business who want to connect with 8 north eastern state of india with a difference in hospitality and sports. Information is what makes every marketing decisions smart and sustainable with leadership in profit, in this getting the right infomation is necessary but is a tricky affair, a wrong and outdated information can lead to expensive business decisions.
Our expertise in marketing analysis and continuous leverage with industry technology and stakeholder institutions in this market enable us to deliver this values. we caters to physical and on site consumer interaction and inference. The technology and knowledge is the platform for in8services in delivering results and this we do by designing an inclusive marketing service for all our clients needs.This is feasible because we operate in small markets and bucket of customers with specific market ecosystem in which we have evolved along.


Idea is the currency of today's new world order; we practice on this reality with Design as that tool of knowledge which makes ideas communicate.

Chaos8 make your marketting conversation alive visually and socially with our skills on Design.


This dedicated professional unit burns the late night lamps of their knowledge fuels to provide that small and efficient services in solving your challenges in financial decision makings.

B-hive indulge in making things transparent for the business houses to tackle financial challenges by:

(a) Internal Auditing. (b) Accounting Services. (c) Reporting and Publishing


in8services is proud to involve and associate; innovating services for the business house in connecting their institutional values to the society and ecosystem in which they practice their professionalism and live as human. We also indulge in making sure the goals and visions of social responsibility practices in business is inclusive and reached out to the right place and right time on a transparent platform..


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Lamphel Sanakeithel, PO/PS - Lamphel, Manipur, Imphal-West -795004
REGD. 25/PF/2004, Commerce and Industry, Government Of Manipur, India.
Phone call : 03852-413758